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Our extensive services include the following…


You don’t have to be an expert in print design or know all the technical terms, you just need a rough idea of what you want and we’ll do the rest.

The majority of our clients love the fact that we can handle the total package for them, from concept through to the final product. With today’s busy lifestyle, the last thing our clients want to do is deal with multiple suppliers with mixed results.

District One can supply a vast array of various print options from stationery to product packaging and signage, so leave it with us to handle your entire project from go to whoa!


A professionally designed website is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available in the world today.

From the initial concept through to a successful implementation, utilising our integrated business process and fixed time and price approach, District One is able to deliver end-to-end, web design solutions on time, within an agreed budget. Client involvement in the website design process is of paramount importance, however the way we work with our clients allows them to be involved as little or as much as they choose, depending on their own level of expertise and of course time restrictions.

From small-scale ‘brochure’ websites to content-managed E-commerce solutions, all work that we produce utilises our house-style of clean, easily navigable and clutter-free design solutions. We use the latest technologies to ensure browser/device compatibility and accessibility.

Our WordPress content management solutions also ensure that our clients have the ability to update their own websites in-house with ease.


No two signs are really ever the same. Each sign is unique in terms of its colours, text, graphics, materials, fixing and location.

The challenge for the sign maker is to understand what sign you have in mind, to interpret that idea into a practical sign solution and to use visuals and samples to confirm that the proposed solution is right for you. This takes training, experience, expertise and a great deal of patience.

We have all these qualities in abundance. As a starting point please browse through our folio for examples of signs we have designed and installed for some of our other clients through our network.

Branding + Design

Creating an effective identity for your company is so much more that placing some text next to a pretty picture. We must capture your company's identity, personality and uniqueness into a dynamic and memorable graphic.

Widely experienced in the graphic design of printed promotional materials, we produce unique, fresh, cutting edge design solutions which spark the imagination and stir the senses.
Expressing your company's marketing message with visually stimulating and engaging graphic design concepts, we add depth and breadth to your printed collateral. Through intelligent graphic design solutions, we can entice readers to open, absorb and respond to your message.


Marketing essentially includes advertising, distribution and selling. It is also concerned with anticipating the customers' future needs and wants, which are often discovered through market research. Essentially, marketing is the process of creating or directing an organisation to be successful in selling a product or service that people not only desire, but are willing to buy.

With DistrictOne, you get dynamic marketing strategies that break the barrier.

To achieve success in your given market segment, you need to speak the language and the culture. Our hands-on team knows how to give you the edge and make the connection for you.

Today's consumers are saavy. New technology allows them to choose what media they let into their world, making it much more difficult for tradiotional advertising to resonate.

By leveraging trends and emerging technologies, we can take advantage of today’s shift in information by deploying brand messages through multiple touch points. This can be on the street, at a store, at an event or online. It can be for ten seconds or ten hours.

Commercial + Retail Fitouts

Establishing and running a successful business is a challenging endeavor, from the moment you develop a concept to the day to day demands that keep your doors open and your cash flowing.

It takes a tremendous amount of your time, your energy, and your resources to grow your business from an idea into a sustainable, profitable enterprise.

In developing your business plan, securing funding, finalising the details of your product or service, marketing your new business, and managing daily operations, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and to let some aspects, like your retail environment, fall by the wayside. But the atmosphere of your store is an important factor in the success of your business; it can be the difference between having window shoppers and visitors, browsers and buyers. Your interior space is instrumental in your business image and your connection with your potential customers.

DistrictOne can help build a complete fit out or transform your space into the perfect environment for your business. With extensive experience in commercial fit outs, office fit outs, and retail fit outs, the seasoned shopfitters at DistrictOne have the knowledge and skills to turn your business vision into a polished reality.

We pride ourselves on being more than just contractors; we develop close working relationships with our clients. We provide a personal touch that many other shopfitters simply do not, or cannot, offer. When you contract with DistrictOne, you can be confident that you're getting a top-notch interior fit out performed by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.

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